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I am a Disney Fan!

I am a Disney Fan!

Have you seen what Walgreen’s has now?  They are shaped like Mickey Mouse.  They produce a lot of air.  They have three messages to entertain you while you feel relief from the summer sun.  They are Mickey Mouse fans!  I am a fan!  You would expect to pay a lot for these, but they are $6 at Walgreen’s.  Go!  Go NOW!

Disney Connects Us All

Disney Connects Us All

Today, I was sitting at my Blue Work space and I happened to notice the purse on the space next to me.  It was a Dooney-Bourke Mickey Mouse purse.  I knew instantly that this was a person I needed to meet.  I asked around, but no one recognized the purse, or remembered who had left it there.  Eventually, the owner returned to her desk and I introduced myself.  We had a quick chat and talked all things Mickey Mouse.  It was the highlight of my day.

dooney bourke mickey mouse

Whether you know it or not, there is a passionate army of adult women on the Internet, in your office, and maybe even in your home who are obsessed with Disney. They make multiple trips to the theme parks each year, collect Disney-themed items, and even dress up as Disney characters — on days other than Halloween. More than seven million millennial women devoured articles about Disney this year on POPSUGAR.  Many of these women, who grew up on The Little Mermaid and The Lion King, have celebrated 30th birthdays, honeymoons, and even weddings at a Disney resort.

Disney fans know that many people don’t get it. Almost unanimously, they said that the number one misconception about them is that they are immature. But before you judge your co-worker, high school friend on Facebook, or distant family member for their age-inappropriate Disney fangirling on social media, at least try to understand just what Mickey and his gang of princesses do for them.

In an age of aspirational social media and highly curated brands online, Disney nails it — in real life. For a generation that looked to Internet personality quizzes to tell them something about themselves, Disney can reflect your true self. Your favorite park, movie, or character is a reflection of your personality. Loving Disney gives you an identity. It means you are a person who believes in magic, happiness, and imagination.

What is the reason that you love Disney?

Remember Who You Are.

Remember Who You Are.

The Lion King movie was my oldest daughter’s favorite film.  It came out on VHS when she was little and she watched it so much that I replaced the worn out tape three times.  She loved The Lion King and I loved the lessons that it provided.

Most of the brilliance was delivered by a mandrill named Rafiki.  This came to mind this week as Robert Guillaume who was the voice of the Rafiki, recently passed away.   He had a distinctive  voice and I can still hear him saying, “Remember, who you are!”

There have been times in my life, when I have lost “who I am”.  One of those times was when I graduated from college and moved to North Carolina for my first job.  I was only there a few weeks, when there was a hostile takeover and the whole division was let go.  I don’t think they say “let go” anymore.  It is probably more pc to say “displaced.”  It felt more like “fired”, “devastated”, “end of world time”.

When I called my mother, she told me to “take 24 hours.  Cry, feel sorry for yourself, eat junk food and be gloomy.  After that 24 hours, pick yourself up and get to work.  You are a strong, capable woman who can find a job, but you have to use that strength.”  She was right, it only took a few weeks and I was moving to Atlanta and starting a new job.

Knowing who you are is important and sometimes it takes life’s challenges to really know how strong you are.  You are never alone.  Family and friends are there to love you when the world doesn’t.  Remember to trust yourself, and know that you will never be given a challenge that is bigger than you.

Rafiki with girls

Orange…You have got to be kidding!

The company I work for just completed “Own Your Own Career Week”, which is a week of speakers and seminars that let you know you are own your own for career success.  I attended a seminar titled, “True Colors” which classified four personality types into colors.  I took the quiz and I scored “Orange”.

Orange is a problem for me.  I have always seen orange as Peach trying too hard.   Or maybe a Red wanna be.  Orange does not look good on anyone and should never be used in decorating.  The only good orange thing is Tigger.  But he has toned it down with a white face and IMG_1599black stripes.  I have never liked orange, so I had a problem being classified as “orange”.

The speaker had everyone split into their “color” and decide how to bake a cake.  I reluctantly went to the orange group, but I was not liking this at all.  I could see certain parts of me in each of the categories.  I am definitely Blue when I am taking care of my kids.  I am Green when I have to make a purchase.  I am Gold when I have a long list of things to get done.  But orange???  I didn’t see it.

The Blues were compassionate, warm, tender, the touchy feely group.  They called the person they were making the cake for and got a favorite recipe.  They asked the person if they wanted to come over and help them.  They made everyone feel good about their cake.

The Greens were rational, curious, competent,  very methodical about their cake.  Greenies found multiple recipes and figured out which one was quicker to make.  Then they made a list of the ingredients and set them all out on the counter and measured them carefully.  They had a very organized and complete process to make a cake.

The Golds were traditional, responsible, organized, procedural, orderly and diplomatic.  They used a whiteboard to vote on the best type of cake. Then they organized into two groups the shoppers and the bakers.  They even voted on whether to clean as they went or clean at the end.

Hanging with the Orange group, she classified us as the party group.  I am not old, but I am in my pajamas by 9 pm on the weekend.  Still resisting, I told the others in my group that I only bake one cake a year.  It is my birthday cake and my absolute favorite….but it never turns out.  I have multiple pictures of the cake we lovingly call “Pinterest Fail Cake.”  The others agreed and our group dialed a bakery and had a cake in 15 minutes.

Orange. I have never thought of myself as Spontaneous, Adventuresome, Daring, Impulsive, Fun, Exciting, Courageous, Skillful….but I could be.  Orange.  Maybe the new freedom I have found with Hot Hubby has opened up a new opportunity to be Orange.  I am willing to try it out!

What color are you?IMG_0151