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To Match or Not To Match?

To Match or Not To Match?

There is a recent trend with families visiting Disney World.  They like to have matching shirts.  Now some groups go to extremes, with matching outfits for every day of their trip.  Then there are the more subtle, who only match for one or two days.  Finally, there are the anti-matchers who wear matching shirts saying, “I don’t do matching shirts.”

I am of the matching shirt brigade.  Hot Hubby is not.  My bonus daughter and her husband painstakingly designed and made us matching shirts for one day of our trip.  We all wore them proudly, except for Hot Hubby, who kept his underneath his “normal” shirt.  He would occasionally open the top shirt for pictures, but mostly, he did not match.

I think there are three great reasons to match:

1)  It is easier to locate the people in your party.  Since most of your trip is spent separating and reuniting, I am all for anything that makes that easier.

2)  It helps me decide what to wear.  For one day, I am free of the burden of picking out my outfit and I just get to wear what I am instructed to wear.

3)  It makes for color-coordinated, great pictures.  Especially if there is red or green in your matching shirts, the Christmas card photo is handled.

What do you think?  To match or not to match?


More than this provincial life!

More than this provincial life!

I have always envied Belle from Beauty and the Beast.  Belle “wants adventure in the great wide somewhere.”  Just like her, “I want it more than I can tell.”  I rushed through college and began working before I graduated.  I started building my career.  I built a family.  I bought a car and a house.  I worked hard and got satisfaction from making a difference in the world.  I did all of the “normal” things but I started to feel small and smothered.

It has taken a while, but my girls are grown and independent.  I have a new Hot Hubby that encourages me.  I am ready for the Adventure.  And I want to pass it on, so that my girls don’t wait as long as I did to get out there!  I think there are only two times in your life when you are really free…in college and in retirement.  I missed my chance in college.  I don’t want to make the same mistake twice.

I would like to write more, but Belle and I are headed to China to visit Mulan. What’s on your bucket list?

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