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Is MaxPass Goofy’s Son?

Disneyland is introducing MaxPass on July 19, 2017.  I am not sure whether to be happy or sad.  The “introductory” price is $10, which means it will definitely go up soon.

Let’s go through the benefits and there are two:maxpass

First, you can download your Fast Passes directly to your phone.  I think this is a HUGE benefit.  You don’t have to go to the kiosk and you don’t have to keep track of those little bitty tickets.   If it works as explained, you can just download them from where you are.  So you leave Haunted Mansion and want to get Space Mountain tickets, BING!  right on your phone.   No more traipsing around the park and splitting up to get Fast passes on  your way to another location.

On the other hand, I usually spend half my day walking back and forth across the park to get and use those Fast passes….do you think I won’t burn as many calories and I will have to eat less Disney food?  That could be the only minus that I see.

The next benefit is a Disney PhotoPass.  According to the Disney Website, “It was designed for Disney parks so that everyone in your group could be captured in photos. Rather than having that one person who holds the camera or mobile device missing from your entire trip history, he or she can now be seen! It’s a Disney miracle.” Now this would be great, except my children would rather die than take any pictures with me.  I can remember when they were little and would smile and pose….then they grew up.  I can imagine that for maybe one day the Photopass would be great.  I could make Hot Hubby pose for some fun pictures.

The Disney PhotoPass gives you unlimited downloads of all of the pictures taken by the Disney Photographers. “Magic Shots are also included. Simply ask your Disney PhotoPass Photographer to pose you for a Magic Shot, and a select Disney Character or fun surprise will appear in your photo after it’s taken.” from the Disney website.  These are the photos that you see on Facebook, where the family is holding Tinkerbell in their hand, or other special effects.

For a great explanation of how the new MaxPass works and how to use the app, UnderCover Tourist has a great explanation on their website:  UnderCover Tourist

We are heading to Disneyland in 2 weeks, and I know we will purchase MaxPass at least one day of the trip.  I will keep you posted about how it worked.

When is your next trip to Disneyland?

Disney’s New Maxpass!

Disney’s New Maxpass!

I am so excited about the new Disneyland Maxpass.  Welcome to the 21st century Disneyland!  This $10 per day per ticket option will allow visitors to stop the frantic run around the park to gather their Fastpasses!  And you won’t have to keep track of those itty, bitty papers.138

You will be able to use the Disneyland app to book your Fastpasses!  According to Disney’s site, it will allow guests to “maximize their experience by providing unlimited download of their high-resolution PhotoPass images and by enabling the convenience of mobile booking and redemption of the Disney Fastpass return times – all by using the Disneyland App.”

On the plus side, this will eliminate the splitting up of groups as you run around every few hours to collect new Fastpasses.

On the minus side, you won’t get that occassional delight, when a fellow visitor hands you Fastpasses that they can’t use.  But the plus outweighs the minus.

What do you think?