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Coolest Bonus Grandma Ever at Disney World!

Coolest Bonus Grandma Ever at Disney World!

Hot Hubby and I recently returned from our first trip to Disney World with our youngest grandchildren.  Yikes!  As a newly blended family, I did not want to be known as the loser Grandma, so I did a little pre-trip planning.IMG_0801

First Step:  A trip to Walmart!  I scoured the toy aisle for little Disney presents.  I found stuffed Mickey Mouse, Race Car Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse figurines…you get the idea.  Then I put one a day into our park backpack (a normal backpack with a Mickey embroidery glued on).   When the lines got long or the children needed a change, out comes a new toy!  And because the toys were purchased at Walmart for minimal, there was no major concern if they were lost.  We entertained ourselves in line with Catch, Hide the Mickey, Here Comes a Mouse and all sorts of games.

Second Step:  The Dollar store!  Here I purchased glow sticks, cool blinking Christmas light necklaces and stickers.  Once the sun went down, these glow “wands” came out.  We had fun freezing and unfreezing Hot Hubby and casting all sorts of magical spells.

animal crackers

Third Step:  Snack size baggies and lots of snacks.  Most of the snacks were to keep Hot Hubby in a great mood, but they worked on the grandchildren also.  The highlight for the children was the Stouffer’s animal crackers.  The adults preferred the homemade trail mix (raisins, craisins, cashews and white chocolate chips).

The final step, was getting fast passes for all of the scary rides, and “Switching Off” so that our children (the parents) could ride, while we watched the grandchildren.  Their parents were nervous at first, but after the first ride and the grandchildren survived, we had their vote of confidence.

What do you do to make Disney Trips special for Grandchildren?


It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Don’t you love all of the Christmas lights around the holidays!  Don’t you wish you could decorate your house in complete Disney?   Now is the time to go shopping!

Lowe’s just marked down their Disney Holiday lights to 85% off.  I just bought the Mickey Mouse Projector which was originally $35 for just $6.  You can order online and pick it up in the store.

I just spent a whopping $15 and got three projectors.  So leave this blog now and go hit the Lowes site!   But come back soon and tell me what you got!


#The Purple Wall

#The Purple Wall

One of the best parts of a Disney trip are all of the fun pictures that you get to have forever.  With the advent of Instagram, there are certain locations that have hashtags of fame, and become “required” pictures for every trip.

The Purple Wall is a classic Disney photo spot.  This is the wall that really started it all.  This spot is so popular for photos that sometimes a Disney Photopass Cast Member is stationed there to help you create fantastic memories with your favorite Disney pals.  But if you want to see more just search #ThePurpleWall on Instagram to see everyone’s photos.

The Purple Wall is located in Magic Kingdom near the Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor in Tomorrowland. It’s a pale purple blank wall that really doesn’t look like anything special. Except it is.  It photographs really well. Its medium lilac color is a flattering background color on everyone, there’s good indirect lighting there, and it’s just enough out of the way that you don’t have an audience watching you pose.

It is so popular, Disney Parks has a new hat that tells everyone to meet you at the Purple Wall.  Thanks to @magicwithmegan for pic.

meet me at the purple wall hat

So, take your time and get out your cell phone….and snap a few photos of you and your family!

Best Times for Disneyland in 2018

Best Times for Disneyland in 2018

Are you planning to visit Disneyland in 2018?   When to go is the first decision!  Here is a quick overview of the best times for 2018

 Jan – Anytime after Jan 7th which concludes the Holidays

Feb – Go before the President’s Day crowds (the whole week Feb 19th)

March – Go Before Spring Break starts around March 20

April – Go After Spring Break concludes around April 8

May – Go But Skip Grad Nights which are every Friday and Saturday night in May

June, July, August – Avoid because Its Hot and Crowded

September – Go After Labor Day week

October – The Halloween Parties make this a crowded time

November – Go early before Thanksgiving week

December – If you must go in December, the last tolerable day is Dec 20th.

Fireworks over Disneyland Castle
Fireworks over Disneyland Castle

Star Wars Land opening in 2019, so this is probably the last uncrowded year for a few.  But Disney is great at handling crowds, and you just need to be prepared.

Are you making plans for Disneyland this year?