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#The Purple Wall

#The Purple Wall

One of the best parts of a Disney trip are all of the fun pictures that you get to have forever.  With the advent of Instagram, there are certain locations that have hashtags of fame, and become “required” pictures for every trip.

The Purple Wall is a classic Disney photo spot.  This is the wall that really started it all.  This spot is so popular for photos that sometimes a Disney Photopass Cast Member is stationed there to help you create fantastic memories with your favorite Disney pals.  But if you want to see more just search #ThePurpleWall on Instagram to see everyone’s photos.

The Purple Wall is located in Magic Kingdom near the Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor in Tomorrowland. It’s a pale purple blank wall that really doesn’t look like anything special. Except it is.  It photographs really well. Its medium lilac color is a flattering background color on everyone, there’s good indirect lighting there, and it’s just enough out of the way that you don’t have an audience watching you pose.

It is so popular, Disney Parks has a new hat that tells everyone to meet you at the Purple Wall.  Thanks to @magicwithmegan for pic.

meet me at the purple wall hat

So, take your time and get out your cell phone….and snap a few photos of you and your family!

Family Photography

Family Photography

Hot Hubby and I have combined our families and now are juggling 7 children and 10 grandchildren.  Fortunately or unfortunately, they are spread out across the world, so we can only have them in small groups.  Our Christmas vacation was filled with my daughters and parents.  Whenever I get a group together, I only have one goal.  A good group picture.

Now, I am known for making my children pose and pose and pose, until I take the perfect picture.  But they are getting smarter and more resilient in their resistance.  Hot Hubby has taken on their resistance and only guarantees 10 smiles.   On Christmas Eve, we had a gloriously sunny day and headed to our local park/mountain for a photo session.   We used a tripod and posed in multiple settings.  The best picture was taken at the last minute, when we quickly jumped out of the car and had a stranger take the shot.    All of that posing and planning for nothing.

I find that the best pictures are the spontaneous ones.  Which do you think turned out best?  Do you have any advice for capturing a crowd?