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Disney with Family

Disney with Family

For our first trip to Disneyland I read everything I could get my hands on.  Back then, travel guides were the thing…I am showing my age.  The popular guide had a “Dumbo in a Day or Die Touring Plan.”  It gave a plan that would let you see everything in the park in one day with the best route and order of rides.  It was efficient and effective and exhausting.  We didn’t die, but we had sore feet and cranky kids by the end of the day.

It is so easy to get caught up in trying to do everything.  You want to get your money’s worth and Disney is expensive.  But you came to Disneyland to spend time with your family.  Enjoy your family as well as Disneyland.  Spend a little more for extras like a character meal or a table service restaurant.   Families don’t get enough time to just be together.

Take a few minutes and take some pictures.   The new PhotoPass allows everyone to be in the picture and the Disney photographers are great.  They capture that hug with TinkerBell or when Tigger grabs mom’s head.  They have the right filter and lighting and everyone is in the shot.  Mom can relax and be part of the fun, rather than being missing from every picture.

Life is getting faster and faster and family time is less and less.  For your next trip to the Happiest Place on Earth, relax and take the time to enjoy your family.IMG_0433DLPCA_CASTLEICON1NC_20170828_8090459589IMG_1246


You’re Gonna Miss This!

You’re Gonna Miss This!

I love the lines at Disneyland.  It sounds crazy, but I have had the best, longest and most revealing conversations with my children, in line at Disneyland.  Now that my children are grown and gone, we don’t have family dinners or time around the television.  We have a few texts or Facebook messages, but the times for a real conversation are minimal.


That is why I treasure the time in Disneyland.  This is a big chunk of 6 or more hours together, without phones or work. I never understand why families split up and then wait in separate lines.  Then they have to try to find each other and they cut in the lines to join up….but that is another topic.

The key to making the time count, is to be there, right there, with no agenda or attitude.   It is easiest to start the conversation, like you are talking to a stranger.  Ask them about their life and their dreams. Try not to let any of the past arguments or judgments slip into your conversation.  Be there, in the conversation, without worrying about anything that you might be missing.

I have countless pictures of people waiting in line and talking on their phone.  How could anyone on that phone be more important than the people enjoying Disneyland with you today?  Like Trace Adkins warns us in his song, “You’re gonna miss this.”  Be here, right here and enjoy now.

Let’s go stand in line together!

Snow White -Love or Hate her?

Snow White -Love or Hate her?

I have never really bonded with Snow White.  I just can’t relate to a girl who sees a house of 7 men and says, “I can cook for you and clean for you and make your house a home.”  I can’t cook and I only clean when throwing a party.  Hot Hubby, on the other hand, loves Snow White and sees a philanthropist who wants to serve others.

Recently, I have begun to feel like Snow White, so I can like her a little more.  When Hot Hubby moved in, he brought a beautiful cat named Tiger.  Tiger has lived in rural Nevada his entire life and now resides in a neighborhood of Phoenix.  In his new home, Tiger has a doggy door, so he can come and go as he wants.

Living up to his name, Tiger is a hunter and a very good one.  Tiger hunts for lizards, rabbits, birds, and mice.  At first, he brought them home and ate them in the living room.  It was messy, but tolerable.  Then he showed some mice the doggy door, so they came in and made a home.  Tiger noticed that I was not feeding Hot Hubby, so he started bringing home live snakes and rabbits trying to train Hot Hubby to hunt.

Now I am living in Snow White’s cabin in the woods.   Wild animals are running around my home.  Snow White is teaching me to love my situation, sing a happy song and hopefully train the animals to clean my house.   I will let you know how that goes.snow white

Do you Grizzly River Run?

Do you Grizzly River Run?

Are there any rides that you avoid when you go to Disneyland?  I have always avoided the Grizzly River Run, because of the water.  I saw everyone coming off and they had wet pants and it looked miserable to me.  Because of my aversion, it became my kids’ favorite ride.  They would get fast passes and wait in line while the fast passes weren’t active.  I would watch from a distance and stay dry.

Recently, I took my first trip to Disneyland with my new Hot Hubby.  He brings out the best in me and he insisted that we “ride everything”.  He said, “We only get one chance to do it for the first time, so let’s do everything.”  Everything, included Grizzly River Run.  Of course, the line was super long and super hot.  I was a worried grump by the time we reached the front of the line.

Grizzly river run


We boarded our boat and I was in a chair by the “door”.  Then the ride began.  We swirled and bumped and splashed.   We passed a corner and bumped into a rapid and a huge wave of water came through the door and soaked me.  We went down rapids and a huge plunge.  I laughed, screamed and loved every  minute!



Yes, I was soaked, but I dried.  It made me realize how much fun I had missed with my kids, by wanting to stay dry.  Then expanding it further and seeing how long I had played it safe in my life and missed the adventure.   Maybe I am just getting older, but I don’t want to miss another adventure.  I want to take the rapids and laugh and scream.  I wanna get wet!

Grizzly river run wet butts

Do you Play it Cool?

Do you Play it Cool?

Are you one of those people who plays it cool or poses for the camera on the thrill rides at Disney?  Hot Hubby and I always make plans for how we are going to pose for the camera.  But Hot Hubby forgets when the picture is taken and I am always screaming too much to look cool.   My kids are the pros at posing.

I can’t tell you how many family photos I have with  me looking crazy and my kids looking calm and collected.   Just this past week, my daughter, Hot Hubby and I rode Splash Mountain together.  Of course, I am screaming with crazy hair.  My daughter is in front giving big “thumbs up” to the camera.

Which one are you?  The model or the super freak?


I lost my ticket!

I lost my ticket!

What is the best way to ruin your day? Lose your 3 Day Park Hopper ticket within minutes of entering Disneyland!   I don’t know how I did it.  One minute, I had my ticket and I entered the gate.  The next minute, Hot Hubby is asking for it to get Fast Passes and it is GONE!  What is a girl to do?

Well this is Disney and they are MAGICAL!  I went to City Hall, near the gate of Disneyland.  And those amazing Cast members, asked me if I entered the gate around the time of Hot Hubby’s ticket.  Of course, I did!  Then they used his ticket number to look up mine!  Within minutes, I had a brand new ticket and we were running to Space Mountain.

Computers are helping Disney make the magic even better!  One piece of advice from the cast member….Take a picture of your ticket.  Then you will have the ticket number handy and they won’t have to look it up.  Genius and Magic all in one place.  One of the many reasons, that I love Disney!!IMG_1436

Three Days in Disneyland

What is the perfect amount of time in Disneyland?  Hot Hubby and I just returned from a Disneyland adventure and we have concluded that it is three days.  Three days


is the perfect trip to Disneyland. We planned our trip for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, the week before a long weekend.  Everyone was back in school and the park needed us.


On the Monday, we got there at Rope Drop.  Or better, you can get there an hour before Rope Drop.  Eat breakfast at Disneyland and be ready when the rope actually drops, to run through the park.  We start with the biggest rides and ride them when the crowds are least…so we begin with Space Mountain, Matterhorn, Thunder Mountain, Splash Mountain and then when our stomachs can’t take anymore, we head to Indiana Jones, Pirates and Haunted Mansion.



On the Tuesday, we sleep as late as we can, which is 8 am for Hot Hubby.  Then we head to California Adventure.  We start by getting fast passes to World of Color and checking out the times for Frozen.  The first ride is Guardians of the Galaxy, (just kidding, Hot Hubby and I can’t do this one).  We start in the back with California Screamin’, Toy Story Mania, Goofy’s Sky School and work our way forward.  After a few hours, we are slowing down and ready for the Frozen show, which is near Broadway quality for free!  We will Disney from dawn to dusk, because we have to see the World of Color Show, which closes the park.

Wednesday is reserved for favorites, anything we haven’t enjoyed enough to last us until the next trip and shopping.  We started in Toontown with Roger Rabbit, Go Coaster and ate breakfast at Clarabelle’s, because any excuse for Frozen Yogurt!  We have to visit Mickey and Minnie Mouse in their houses.  Then we ride favorites:  It’s a Small World for Hot Hubby and Thunder Mountain for me.

This year, we tried the new MaxPass which worked great in California Adventure.  It works with the Disneyland App and tracks your tickets, photos and Fast Passes.  We could request the next fast pass while we were standing in line using the first one.  A lot of our fast passes were within minutes of our booking them.   No paper, and it saved us a lot of walking!

The Disneyland App is set up with AT&T and we use Verizon, which may be why it did not work as well for us.  In Disneyland it was slow, wouldn’t connect and kept logging us out.  Because it kept trying to connect, it drained our phone battery very quickly.  Disney has installed battery charger stations, which dispense charged chargers, that you return empty for another charged one.  We just blew it off and went back to the paper system.  I cannot imagine the amount of people on their wifi and the challenge it must be.  Give it a few more months and Disney will have the wifi stronger and more consistent.

We had a great time and by three days, we were exhausted and ready for our own beds.  What do you think is the perfect amount of time in Disneyland?IMG_1627