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To Match or Not To Match?

To Match or Not To Match?

There is a recent trend with families visiting Disney World.  They like to have matching shirts.  Now some groups go to extremes, with matching outfits for every day of their trip.  Then there are the more subtle, who only match for one or two days.  Finally, there are the anti-matchers who wear matching shirts saying, “I don’t do matching shirts.”

I am of the matching shirt brigade.  Hot Hubby is not.  My bonus daughter and her husband painstakingly designed and made us matching shirts for one day of our trip.  We all wore them proudly, except for Hot Hubby, who kept his underneath his “normal” shirt.  He would occasionally open the top shirt for pictures, but mostly, he did not match.

I think there are three great reasons to match:

1)  It is easier to locate the people in your party.  Since most of your trip is spent separating and reuniting, I am all for anything that makes that easier.

2)  It helps me decide what to wear.  For one day, I am free of the burden of picking out my outfit and I just get to wear what I am instructed to wear.

3)  It makes for color-coordinated, great pictures.  Especially if there is red or green in your matching shirts, the Christmas card photo is handled.

What do you think?  To match or not to match?


Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party

Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party

What is better than a visit to the Magic Kingdom?   A special Christmas party with Mickey Mouse at the Magic Kingdom!  Disney offers this with Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party which is offered on available nights and has a special charge of $89.  So is it worth an extra $89?  

1)  The park closes at 6 pm on the night of the party, but ticket holders can enter the park at 4 pm and usually the party ends at midnight or later.   

2)  Most attractions are still open during the event, so you can ride Seven Dwarfs Mine Train without a 90 minute wait.

3)  The number of tickets is limited, so the crowds are less once the party starts at 7 pm.

4)  There are over a dozen beloved Disney Characters wearing their holiday attire spread around the park for hugs, autoographs and photos.  This year we enjoyed rare appearances with Jack Skellington, Scrooge McDuck and Captain Jack Sparrow.

5)  The night begins with an extravagant show where Mickey invites his friends to the party.  Then Elsa transforms the castle.  Next is the Once Upon a Christmastime Parade which features new Disney Carols, magic and cheer.  There are dance parties in Tomorrowland and at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe.

6) There are complimentary, delicious yuletide sweets and season beverages.  We loved the Snowman shaped soft pretzel and snow cone.  Hot Hubby was crazy about the Ginger cookie and Eggnog.

7)  The grand finale is Holiday Wishes fireworks over the Cinderella Castle.   This was the biggest and most spectacular fireworks I have seen.  It was worth the ticket price.

We added dessert at the Be Our Guest Restaurant and had the best night of our trip!IMG_3278

Is it too early for Christmas?

Is it too early for Christmas?

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Hot Hubby and I just returned from a week in Orlando.  We met our daughter and son-in-law and two granddaughters for a week of adventure, thrills, sites, sounds and Christmas.  Disney is decorated for Christmas and looks more magical than eveIMG_2644r!

I know, you are probably thinking, isn’t it too early for Christmas?  Disney is designed to be the happiest place on earth, so what makes you happier than Christmas carols, Gingerbread houses, toy soldiers, Christmas decorations and Santa Claus.  I think it is never to early for Christmas!  And seeing Mickey dressed in red plaid, just makes me even happier!

What do you think?  Too early for Christmas?  Check out the pictures and tell me it doesn’t make you smile!


Why Use Rider Switch?

Why Use Rider Switch?

Are you traveling to Disney World with young children or someone who is only semi-brave?  Perhaps someone from  your group won’t meet the height requirements for every ride?   What is a family to do?   Disown the shortcake?  Bully the chicken into riding? No!  Use the Rider Switch Program!

If Guests in your party can’t or don’t want to board an attraction, you don’t have to miss out!

If a child does not meet the height requirement or a Guest does not wish to board a particular attraction, no problem! With Rider Switch, one adult can wait with the non-rider (or riders) while the rest of the party enjoys the attraction. When the other adult returns, they can supervise the non-riding Guests, and the waiting adult can board the attraction without having to wait in the regular line again!

Rider Switch is available at select attractions at all 4 Walt Disney World Resort theme parks.  I will tell you how this worked for Hot Hubby and me.

1. First check with a Cast member to see if Rider Switch is offered at the attraction in question.

2. Once at the attraction, approach the greeting Cast Member with your entire party.  Hot Hubby and I (who are not riding) were given a Ride Switch pass and asked to wait with our young granddaughter in a designated area (usually outside of the attraction). This group is “Party B.”

3. The other party members (“Party A”) ride the attraction.

4. After riding the attraction, Party A locates Party B and gives the Rider Switch pass to Hot Hubby and I who will be riding. Party A takes over supervision of the non-riding granddaughter.

5. Hot Hubby and I entered and boarded the attraction without having to wait in the regular queue a second time. The Rider Switch Pass must be presented to a Cast Member at this time.

It gives us alone time with our granddaughter, and then we can give her back to her rider switchparents, before we get to ride the attraction.  It is win-win!