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Disneyland for Spring Break?

Disneyland for Spring Break?

I know a lot of you are planning your Spring Break trips to Disneyland, so I thought I would offer my advice.

1)      Our ultimate trip is Sunday – Thursday (add a day if you want to see Harry Potter at Universal).  We drive on Sunday and arrive around dinner time.  We make reservations for Goofy’s Kitchen for Sunday night.  We get great pictures and autographs with the characters and starts our Disney trip off with a bang.

Monday:  Disneyland     Tuesday: California Adventure   Wednesday: Disneyland  Thursday: Eat breakfast in Downtown Disney and travel home

2)       Stay as close to the park as you can afford.  Use Hilton points for the Hilton.  Good Neighbor hotels are always a good choice.  Plan to stay within walking distance.

3)      Purchase your tickets online.  If your kids are younger, no need to Park Hopper, one park is enough.

4)      Download the Disneyland Mobile App.  It has Park Maps, Character locations, Wait Times, Dining Options, Shop locations, Restroom locations, PhotoPass, Entertainment and so much more

5)      Buy MaxPass.  Once in the park, this lets you get all of your Fastpasses on your phone.   It also gives you access to all of the professional photos that the Disney Cast Members take.

6)      Pack basic snacks.  Every restaurant and food kiosk offers free ice water, so with a few snacks, you can eat one meal at the Park each day.   We prefer to carry one backpack with hand sanitizer, power bars and apples.

7)      Make Restaurant Reservations  – we usually eat at two nice places each trip.   Goofy’s kitchen for the characters and Carthage Circle (California Adventure) for the relaxing atmosphere.

 Chef Pluto with girls

When you enter Disneyland, get Fantasmic Fast Passes.  These are paper tickets and do not interfere with the ride fast passes.

When you enter California Adventure, get World of Color Fast Passes.  These are paper tickets and do not interfere with your fast passes.

Have fun and ride everything once!

Family Photography

Family Photography

Hot Hubby and I have combined our families and now are juggling 7 children and 10 grandchildren.  Fortunately or unfortunately, they are spread out across the world, so we can only have them in small groups.  Our Christmas vacation was filled with my daughters and parents.  Whenever I get a group together, I only have one goal.  A good group picture.

Now, I am known for making my children pose and pose and pose, until I take the perfect picture.  But they are getting smarter and more resilient in their resistance.  Hot Hubby has taken on their resistance and only guarantees 10 smiles.   On Christmas Eve, we had a gloriously sunny day and headed to our local park/mountain for a photo session.   We used a tripod and posed in multiple settings.  The best picture was taken at the last minute, when we quickly jumped out of the car and had a stranger take the shot.    All of that posing and planning for nothing.

I find that the best pictures are the spontaneous ones.  Which do you think turned out best?  Do you have any advice for capturing a crowd?


Pajamas for Christmas

It is fall and the stores are featuring pumpkin spice everything, which can only mean one thing….Christmas is coming!  I love Christmas, but I am the worst at buying presents.  Especially for my 10 grandchildren.  They have different interests and keep growing faster than I can track.  But I have found one gift that works every time.  Pajamas!

rapunzel nightgown

Disney offers a myriad of pajamas from beautiful princess nightgowns to cool Stitch onesies.  Whatever the interest of the child, there are pajamas to match.  I can handle all of the presents in one location and they are shipped directly to their new home.  And the children are growing so quickly, I am guaranteed that they will need a new one next year.

Don’t you think Hot Hubby will love personalized Mickey Pajamas?

Mickey pajamas

Cinderella did not wear a Diaper

Cinderella did not wear a Diaper

Sometimes I think that women make things harder on ourselves, by comparing ourselves to each other.  There is an unspoken competition between mothers for their children to accomplish tasks at certain ages.  A child is supposed to be walking by one, talking by 18 months. You have heard these milestones. You have seen a child defying the odds by running at 10 months.

Let’s talk potty training.  There is a “rule” that children are supposed to be potty trained by two.  So you have the super aggressive mothers, who start training at 12 months.  And the children who resist to learn until 5 years old. There are books and charts and potty chairs and dolls, all designed to “help” you with the potty training process.  I tried them all.  I made charts. I bribed with candy, stickers, toys. You name it, I tried it.

Finally, while I was watching Cinderella with my darling daughters, I had an epiphany.  I realized that my goal was just too short.   I realized that no one at Cinderella’s ball was wearing a diaper.  So if I shorten that time frame a little, I realized that no one would be wearing a diaper at Prom.

I took an unreachable goal of two years old, and I made the attainable goal “prom”.   I was determined that my daughters would be potty trained by Prom.   Just changing the timing, took the pressure off.  I relaxed.  So the girls relaxed.  Then when they were ready, they were potty trained.  And not a single child was wearing a diaper at Prom.  Have you found that changing the time frame can help you achieve a goal?Marissa as Cinderella