Countdown to Christmas

Countdown to Christmas

Are you a holly jolly kind of person, or more of the last-minute Scrooge type?  Do you take your family picture in August and order your Christmas cards in October?   I am more of the first and Hot Hubby is more of the second.  We visited Disney World in early November.  The Magic Kingdom was decorated for Christmas and the carols were playing.  I have been in the Christmas mood since.

One of my favorite things about Christmas is the anticipation!  I love Advent calendars that countdown the days and this year Disney fans can countdown in many ways.

Star Wars calendar

There are Marvel countdowns and Star Wars Countdowns.  But my favorite is the Target exclusive Tsum Tsum countdown calendar. Behind each of the 24 doors lies a unique surprise, guaranteed to make everyday feel like Christmas morning.  When you complete the countdown, they all form a Christmas Train that you can play with all year.  What an ingenious addition to the traditional calendar.  Now the wait for Santa won’t seem so long after all … I just have to figure out how to contain Hot Hubby’s excitement until December 1.

What is your Christmas Personality?

The Apple Part II

The Apple Part II

Last week, I began the story of the most delicious apple treat that I had at Disney World.  It was the perfect Mickey Mouse shaped, caramel, chocolate covered apple with marshmallow ears.  I found it in the Magic Kingdom in the Dumbo Circus of Treats. (In case you have forgotten, here is the original post: Apple Post  )

What I left out, while I was waiting in line to purchase the most magnificent apple, I was standing behind a mother and her daughter.  The daughter noticed my most amazing apple.  The mother quickly pointed out that the apple would cost me $13.  She then very loudly said, “I can’t believe anyone would pay $13 for an apple.”

We have become a society that tolerates public shaming.  It seems to make people feel good about themselves, to make others feel bad.  People who began by privately posting negative comments, have evolved into people who speak their opinions publicly and loudly.

I cannot get onto that bandwagon.   I am reminded of the cute little rabbit in Bambi, Thumper, who said, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”  I have always told myself, “It is better to be Kind, than to be Right.”   I have saved a lot of friendships and relationships, by taking the high road and being kind.

I wonder if that woman who was so “right” about my $13 apple, had any idea how much I loved, shared and enjoyed that entire apple?   And why does she care how I spend my money?  Maybe if we just kept some of our opinions to ourselves, we would all be just a little big happier?

Do you ever choose between being “right” or “kind”?   How has it worked for you?

Mickey Shaped Snacks

Mickey Shaped Snacks

Hot Hubby and I just returned from an amazing trip to Disney World! There were so many great experiences, that I can’t begin to describe them all.  But over the next few weeks, I will try.

There were so many wonderful sights, sounds and food.  For my first snack, I was in the Magic Kingdom, near the Dumbo ride.  They have this incredible Circus of Treats, that has everything yummy that you have ever dreamed of.  I took my time and found the perfect chocolate, caramel apple with mini M&M’s.  The topper was it had marshmallow ears that made it shaped like Mickey Mouse.   The Cast member even cuts the apple into bite size pieces, so it is easy to eat and delicious.

It was the perfect snack.  It has a crisp, chilled apple.  It had a nice layer of caramel which was topped with milk chocolate.  Every bite was sweet, crunchy and pure yumminess.  And it was perfectly cut in to small pieces, so I could eat it without getting messing and even share with Hot Hubby.

I think food tastes better when shaped like Mickey Mouse!  What is your favorite snack at Disneyland?

Thanksgiving at Disneyland

If you are one of the many who are brave enough to head to Disneyland for Thanksgiving, you probably are looking for a great place to relax and eat turkey during your trip.  Disneyland has a ton of options for Thanksgiving feasts.  Of course, reservations began 60 days ago and fill up quickly, but there are cancellations as the day arrives, so keep checking back.

Sit down Thanksgiving feasts are available at Blue Bayou Restaurant, Cafe Orleans, Carnation Cafe and River Belle Terrace in Disneyland.  For those who don’t want to take as much time, quick service is available at French Market Restaurant and Plaza Inn.

If you are willing to take a break from the park, head over to the Disneyland Resort and you can have a feast at Disneyland Hotel Grand Ballroom, Goofy’s Kitchen or Steakhouse 55.dole whip

For those who really don’t want to stop, how about grabbing a turkey leg and Dole Whip and calling it Thanksgiving?


Ratatouille for Thanksgiving

Ratatouille for Thanksgiving

I was just re-watching the movie Ratatouille and it occurred to me that this is the perfect movie for Thanksgiving.  It has food and kitchen adventures.  It has food and rich characters.  It has food and more food.  And it has a character that I can totally relate to in Colette Tatou.

Colette is a very tough, assertive woman who is very hardworking. She has worked too long and too hard to get where she is and she will not let anyone take that away from her.  Colette is a firm fan and believer in Gusteau and his famous motto: “Anyone can cook.”  So I admire her and keep trying.

I wouldn’t say that I am a bad cook.  I just have no confidence and there is always an error or two when I try.  Recently, I signed up to bring a chocolate cake to a friendly event.  I have a great recipe for Chocolate Zucchini Cake that usually turns out, if I make it into muffins.  But I figured, how much harder would a cake be?   Everything was going well, until it came time to remove the cake from the pan.  I put a platter on top of t

he pan, I turned the pan over.  Then the cake slid off the platter and landed on the counter.  Then when I tried to lift the cake back to the platter it fell completely apart.


What would Colette do?  I decided that she would not give up or quit.   I covered the crumbly cake with icing and sent it anyway.  It tasted delicious and I only got a few comments about the cake’s appearance.  But my friends would not expect anything different!

Do you haColetteve any cooking mishaps to share?


Mickey Mouse’s Birthday!

Mickey Mouse’s Birthday!

Happy Birthday Mickey!  Today is Mickey Mouse’s birthday!  He was created by Walt Disney as a happy mouse that later became the official mascot of The Walt Disney Company.  Mickey Mouse typically wears red shorts, large yellow shoes and white gloves and is the most recognized cartoon character in the world.

Mickey began his career in the movie Steamboat Willie which was the first cartoon with synchronized sound.  Over his career, Mickey Mouse appeared in 130 films and was nominated for multiple Academy Awards.  Mickey was the first cartoon to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  Mickey can currently be seen daily at the Disney parks.

If you want to join in the fun, Disney Parks around the world are planning some very special celebrations for the very special mouse.

Happy  Birthday Mickey!


Too Young for Disney World?

Too Young for Disney World?

Hot Hubby and I just returned from an amazing trip to Disney World! This is our first time sharing Disney World with our granddaughters.   One of Hot Hubby’s daughters has two daughters ages 1 and 3, so we got to experience Disney World through the eyes of a toddler and preschooler.

Balloons with girls

The smiles on their faces were radiant.   They had hours of fun with a helium balloon.  They kissed Minnie Mouse on the nose.  They fist bumped Baymax.  They loved seeing their Disney friends in real life.  They rode rides and smiled for lots of pictures.  They were almost easier than Hot Hubby.

Disney has thought of everything!  During our wait for the Dumbo ride, the grandparents were given a beeper and the kids had an entire, indoor play area to entertain them.  For the heat of the day, Disney has a splash pad, for little ones to cool off in the water.  Every menu features healthy options and Mickey shaped delights. There are bathrooms all over the place, so potty trainers don’t have far to go, to go.

One of the most magical experiences was the Disney Junior show!  This show has the trifecta of attractions.  It snows, it bubbles and it has a shower of gold coins (that are made of tissue paper and “float” down on the little ones.)  It also has lots of opportunities for dancing, participating and the floor is completely washable.

We did not actually have kid duty, because their parents joined us on this trip, which made things really easy.   I don’t know if they will remember this trip when they are older, but I will remember it for my lifetime.