Painting the Roses Red

Painting the Roses Red

As I look at young married couples, I see two people, deeply in love who slowly begin to notice the changes they would like to make in their spouse.  He would be great, if he would just learn to be more handy around the house.  She would be great, if she would just ask Mom for some of her recipes.  It reminds me of the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland, who wants red roses, when she has beautiful white roses.

We can get to a point where a “butqueen of hearts” follows everything we think about our spouse.   I love that my husband is a hard worker, but I wish he helped more with the housework.  I am so proud of my wife’s cooking, but I hate cleaning up the dishes.  I loved my trip to Disneyland, but I had to wait in a line for every ride.   You see how the but, diminishes the happy feelings?

Maybe it is because we found each other later in life, but Hot Hubby and I are clear that we married a person that isn’t going to change.   We are still in the process of melding our two lives, so we occasionally have to talk about how we do things.  Hot Hubby will begin by saying, “Do we have a way that we (insert topic like “load the dishwasher”)?  Then I will think about it.  If it “has” to be my way and I am willing to take this task as “mine” for eternity, then I will say “Yes, I really like it this way.  Let me do it for you.”   If I am not willing to take the task for eternity and never correct how it is done, then I say, “What do you recommend?”  We talk about how each of us would do it, then we decide on how “we” are going to do it going forward.

At work, I see a lot of arranged marriages that thrive and last.  My coworkers explain that in America, you fall in love and then you spend your life falling out of love.  In their culture, you get married and then you spend a lifetime falling in love with your spouse.

I am going to spend my time enjoying the white roses and falling in love with my Hot Hubby everyday.

What color do you want  your roses?


Are you DisneyBound?

When you were a kid, did you wear your favorite Disney costume to Disneyland and after about 2 hours you were itchyIMG_1553 - Copy and wishing for some comfortable leggings and tennies.  Now that I am grown, costumes are banned by Disney’s policy:  Costumes may not be worn by Guests 14 years of age or older.  Hot Hubby and I cannot pass for 14 anymore.





So what is a girl to do?  Lucky for us, Leslie Kay invented DisneyBound-ing!  It is the art of dressing like the Disney characters with colors and style, without going “full costume”.  DisneyBound is meant to be inspiration for you to pull together your own outfits which work for your body and wallet whether from your closet or elaborate shopping spree.  It used to be restricted to the Parks, but Disney fans are spotting the style everywhere.  If you take the brightest colors in your wardrobe, you can put together a DisneyBound outfit for your next trip.  Below is an example from Leslie Kay’s site.

I tried to convince Hot Hubby to DisneyBound PeterPan on our last visit to Disneyland.  But he refused to even consider the green tights I had picked.  I will have to find a Disney character that wears blue jeans and a blue shirt.

Have you had any fun DisneyBound-ing?

As to Disney artwork/properties: ©Disney



Oh Mickey, You’re So Fine!

If I haven’t mentioned it before, I love Mickey Mouse.   I have tried to be subtle, but I have Mickey in every room of my house.   And I like to have “hidden” Mickey’s in places that you might not expect.   The way I think, you can never have too many Mickey Mouses.  When Hot Hubby first moved in, he would take pictures of the Mickey Mouses and send them to his kids.  I guess the Mickeys might be a little more than subtle?


Hot Hubby and I are a perfect match, because he has a forest green thumb and mine is black and dying.  His amazing abilities have turned my barely surviving plants into flowering window gardens.  Who knew, from the two dying leaves, that they were even flowers available?IMG_1722



Yesterday, Hot Hubby came into the kitchen carrying a Mickey Mouse item and asked, “How does this water gage work?”  I studied the out of ink pen, that I had stuck into an artificial plant.   I said, “It is a broken pen.”  He started laughing.  Hot Hubby then explained that he has been watering the artificial plant for months now, but was stumped by its lack of progress.  What a loving man, to even take care of my artificial plants.


Do you have any favorite items in unusual places?

Do you have any children?

Do you have any children?

At Disneyland, you spend a little bit of time waiting in lines.  And if you are in my family, that means you meet a lot of strangers.   My mother has never met a stranger.  She can make instant friends and they are swapping email addresses after 5 minutes.  Hot Hubby sees the good in everyone and remembers people and says hi to them throughout our visit.  I usually say the wrong thing and then the wait is uncomfortable as we pass them in each turn of the line.

But I have learned one tip, that everyone must know!  Recently, we were waiting in line behind a woman who was obviously 7-8 months pregnant.  I opened the conversation by saying, “When are you due?”  Her reply, “The baby is at home with Grandma.”  DOH!  So you guessed it, 5 more uncomfortable turns in the line.

In the next line, I asked my family to give me a better question!  What can I say that will never offend a woman, but open the conversation if she is expecting.  What won? “Do you have any children?”  This is perfect, because if she is expecting, she will tell you about the one in her belly.  If she isn’t, she can tell you about the children at home.  It works well and offends no one.  I am writing it on my hand, so I don’t forget it!

Do you have any children?jesstwoyearsold

Orange…You have got to be kidding!

The company I work for just completed “Own Your Own Career Week”, which is a week of speakers and seminars that let you know you are own your own for career success.  I attended a seminar titled, “True Colors” which classified four personality types into colors.  I took the quiz and I scored “Orange”.

Orange is a problem for me.  I have always seen orange as Peach trying too hard.   Or maybe a Red wanna be.  Orange does not look good on anyone and should never be used in decorating.  The only good orange thing is Tigger.  But he has toned it down with a white face and IMG_1599black stripes.  I have never liked orange, so I had a problem being classified as “orange”.

The speaker had everyone split into their “color” and decide how to bake a cake.  I reluctantly went to the orange group, but I was not liking this at all.  I could see certain parts of me in each of the categories.  I am definitely Blue when I am taking care of my kids.  I am Green when I have to make a purchase.  I am Gold when I have a long list of things to get done.  But orange???  I didn’t see it.

The Blues were compassionate, warm, tender, the touchy feely group.  They called the person they were making the cake for and got a favorite recipe.  They asked the person if they wanted to come over and help them.  They made everyone feel good about their cake.

The Greens were rational, curious, competent,  very methodical about their cake.  Greenies found multiple recipes and figured out which one was quicker to make.  Then they made a list of the ingredients and set them all out on the counter and measured them carefully.  They had a very organized and complete process to make a cake.

The Golds were traditional, responsible, organized, procedural, orderly and diplomatic.  They used a whiteboard to vote on the best type of cake. Then they organized into two groups the shoppers and the bakers.  They even voted on whether to clean as they went or clean at the end.

Hanging with the Orange group, she classified us as the party group.  I am not old, but I am in my pajamas by 9 pm on the weekend.  Still resisting, I told the others in my group that I only bake one cake a year.  It is my birthday cake and my absolute favorite….but it never turns out.  I have multiple pictures of the cake we lovingly call “Pinterest Fail Cake.”  The others agreed and our group dialed a bakery and had a cake in 15 minutes.

Orange. I have never thought of myself as Spontaneous, Adventuresome, Daring, Impulsive, Fun, Exciting, Courageous, Skillful….but I could be.  Orange.  Maybe the new freedom I have found with Hot Hubby has opened up a new opportunity to be Orange.  I am willing to try it out!

What color are you?IMG_0151


Snow White -Love or Hate her?

Snow White -Love or Hate her?

I have never really bonded with Snow White.  I just can’t relate to a girl who sees a house of 7 men and says, “I can cook for you and clean for you and make your house a home.”  I can’t cook and I only clean when throwing a party.  Hot Hubby, on the other hand, loves Snow White and sees a philanthropist who wants to serve others.

Recently, I have begun to feel like Snow White, so I can like her a little more.  When Hot Hubby moved in, he brought a beautiful cat named Tiger.  Tiger has lived in rural Nevada his entire life and now resides in a neighborhood of Phoenix.  In his new home, Tiger has a doggy door, so he can come and go as he wants.

Living up to his name, Tiger is a hunter and a very good one.  Tiger hunts for lizards, rabbits, birds, and mice.  At first, he brought them home and ate them in the living room.  It was messy, but tolerable.  Then he showed some mice the doggy door, so they came in and made a home.  Tiger noticed that I was not feeding Hot Hubby, so he started bringing home live snakes and rabbits trying to train Hot Hubby to hunt.

Now I am living in Snow White’s cabin in the woods.   Wild animals are running around my home.  Snow White is teaching me to love my situation, sing a happy song and hopefully train the animals to clean my house.   I will let you know how that goes.snow white

Do you Grizzly River Run?

Do you Grizzly River Run?

Are there any rides that you avoid when you go to Disneyland?  I have always avoided the Grizzly River Run, because of the water.  I saw everyone coming off and they had wet pants and it looked miserable to me.  Because of my aversion, it became my kids’ favorite ride.  They would get fast passes and wait in line while the fast passes weren’t active.  I would watch from a distance and stay dry.

Recently, I took my first trip to Disneyland with my new Hot Hubby.  He brings out the best in me and he insisted that we “ride everything”.  He said, “We only get one chance to do it for the first time, so let’s do everything.”  Everything, included Grizzly River Run.  Of course, the line was super long and super hot.  I was a worried grump by the time we reached the front of the line.

Grizzly river run


We boarded our boat and I was in a chair by the “door”.  Then the ride began.  We swirled and bumped and splashed.   We passed a corner and bumped into a rapid and a huge wave of water came through the door and soaked me.  We went down rapids and a huge plunge.  I laughed, screamed and loved every  minute!



Yes, I was soaked, but I dried.  It made me realize how much fun I had missed with my kids, by wanting to stay dry.  Then expanding it further and seeing how long I had played it safe in my life and missed the adventure.   Maybe I am just getting older, but I don’t want to miss another adventure.  I want to take the rapids and laugh and scream.  I wanna get wet!

Grizzly river run wet butts