Mickey Wreath

Mickey Wreath

I have a lot of Mickey Mouse items incorporated into my decor, but never is it more prevalent than at Christmas.  The outdoor lights on my house are Mickey shaped and I have a 12 foot inflatable Mickey that holds a present from Thanksgiving to Christmas.

But this year, I needed just a little more.  So I created a Mickey Mouse wreath and you can too!  On Black Friday, I visited my local Hobby Lobby and used my coupons to buy three half-price wreaths, two small and one large.  Christmas decorations are starting to be half price  or clearance, so there is still time for you to do this!

Then Hot Hubby, wired the two wreaths to the larger wreath and voila it was a Mickey Mouse shaped wreath.   Then I used floral wire and gold ornaments to decorate the wreath and give it some extra umph!  Finally a Red polka-dotted bow at the bottom,  completed the ensemble.  It turned out to be too large for my door, so Hot Hubby hung it on our front windows.

What Disney decorations do you have this year?IMG_3334

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