Anastasia – the newest Disney Princess

Anastasia – the newest Disney Princess

One of my favorite movies from my parenting days was Anastasia.  The film is a loose adaptation of the legend of Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia, who is rumored to have escaped the execution of her family.   The story is about an eighteen-year-old orphan named Anya, who is looking for her family.  She joins forces with con men who wish to take advantage of her likeness to the Grand Duchess.  I loved the music, the animation, the story and I love Meg Ryan.  My girls loved Bartok, Rasputin’s albino bat.

I guess others agree with my girls, because Bartok went on to get his own movie adventure in ‘Bartok the Magnificent’.  This direct to video, prequel to Anastasia featured the crazy, little bat and made him a hero for showing compassion to his enemy.

Anastasia is also the newest Broadway star and is featured in the musical by the same name.  The score includes several of the most beloved songs from the 1997 animated film including Academy Award nominated favorite, “Journey to the Past.”

As I am sure you have heard, Disney just bought Fox, which brings this movie into the Disney Vault.  Which makes Anastasia the newest Disney Princess!  Anya finally gets her happy ending!  Congratulations Anastasia, your crown is truly restored.


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