Aladdin is 25 Years Old

Aladdin is 25 Years Old


Did you know that the Aladdin movie was released 25 years ago?  We first met Aladdin when he was 18 years old and although he was never formally educated, he had a lot of valuable knowledge.

1)  Don’t steal.   The movie begins with Aladdin stealing food and singing the great song, “One Jump Ahead”.  He eventually gets caught and gets sent to prison.

2)  Women are more than trophies.  I love that Jasmine stands up for herself and refuses to be anyone’s possession.  She is outspoken and strong and she has great abs.

2)  Seeing the World can change your life.  Aladdin started his courtship of the princess with big showing gifts and his cool ride, an elephant.  But he won the princess’s heart, by teaching her about life outside the palace walls.  And of course, that amazing carpet ride.

A 20-year study conducted by Dr. Thomas Gilovich, a psychology professor at Cornell University, reached a powerful and straightforward conclusion:  people value experiences over any thing you can give them.  We need to spend more time doing and less time envying.  You get one chance to enjoy what you have…the love of family, and friends.

So dump the elephant, don’t buy her a lamp for Christmas.  Go drive around and look at Christmas lights, sing Christmas carols, drink hot chocolate in your pajamas.  Spend time together this holiday.  Maybe even plan a trip to see a “Whole New World”.Aladdin-and-Jasmine-aladdin-and-jasmine-25941746-887-561

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