The Apple Part II

The Apple Part II

Last week, I began the story of the most delicious apple treat that I had at Disney World.  It was the perfect Mickey Mouse shaped, caramel, chocolate covered apple with marshmallow ears.  I found it in the Magic Kingdom in the Dumbo Circus of Treats. (In case you have forgotten, here is the original post: Apple Post  )

What I left out, while I was waiting in line to purchase the most magnificent apple, I was standing behind a mother and her daughter.  The daughter noticed my most amazing apple.  The mother quickly pointed out that the apple would cost me $13.  She then very loudly said, “I can’t believe anyone would pay $13 for an apple.”

We have become a society that tolerates public shaming.  It seems to make people feel good about themselves, to make others feel bad.  People who began by privately posting negative comments, have evolved into people who speak their opinions publicly and loudly.

I cannot get onto that bandwagon.   I am reminded of the cute little rabbit in Bambi, Thumper, who said, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”  I have always told myself, “It is better to be Kind, than to be Right.”   I have saved a lot of friendships and relationships, by taking the high road and being kind.

I wonder if that woman who was so “right” about my $13 apple, had any idea how much I loved, shared and enjoyed that entire apple?   And why does she care how I spend my money?  Maybe if we just kept some of our opinions to ourselves, we would all be just a little big happier?

Do you ever choose between being “right” or “kind”?   How has it worked for you?

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