Ratatouille for Thanksgiving

Ratatouille for Thanksgiving

I was just re-watching the movie Ratatouille and it occurred to me that this is the perfect movie for Thanksgiving.  It has food and kitchen adventures.  It has food and rich characters.  It has food and more food.  And it has a character that I can totally relate to in Colette Tatou.

Colette is a very tough, assertive woman who is very hardworking. She has worked too long and too hard to get where she is and she will not let anyone take that away from her.  Colette is a firm fan and believer in Gusteau and his famous motto: “Anyone can cook.”  So I admire her and keep trying.

I wouldn’t say that I am a bad cook.  I just have no confidence and there is always an error or two when I try.  Recently, I signed up to bring a chocolate cake to a friendly event.  I have a great recipe for Chocolate Zucchini Cake that usually turns out, if I make it into muffins.  But I figured, how much harder would a cake be?   Everything was going well, until it came time to remove the cake from the pan.  I put a platter on top of t

he pan, I turned the pan over.  Then the cake slid off the platter and landed on the counter.  Then when I tried to lift the cake back to the platter it fell completely apart.


What would Colette do?  I decided that she would not give up or quit.   I covered the crumbly cake with icing and sent it anyway.  It tasted delicious and I only got a few comments about the cake’s appearance.  But my friends would not expect anything different!

Do you haColetteve any cooking mishaps to share?


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