Too Young for Disney World?

Too Young for Disney World?

Hot Hubby and I just returned from an amazing trip to Disney World! This is our first time sharing Disney World with our granddaughters.   One of Hot Hubby’s daughters has two daughters ages 1 and 3, so we got to experience Disney World through the eyes of a toddler and preschooler.

Balloons with girls

The smiles on their faces were radiant.   They had hours of fun with a helium balloon.  They kissed Minnie Mouse on the nose.  They fist bumped Baymax.  They loved seeing their Disney friends in real life.  They rode rides and smiled for lots of pictures.  They were almost easier than Hot Hubby.

Disney has thought of everything!  During our wait for the Dumbo ride, the grandparents were given a beeper and the kids had an entire, indoor play area to entertain them.  For the heat of the day, Disney has a splash pad, for little ones to cool off in the water.  Every menu features healthy options and Mickey shaped delights. There are bathrooms all over the place, so potty trainers don’t have far to go, to go.

One of the most magical experiences was the Disney Junior show!  This show has the trifecta of attractions.  It snows, it bubbles and it has a shower of gold coins (that are made of tissue paper and “float” down on the little ones.)  It also has lots of opportunities for dancing, participating and the floor is completely washable.

We did not actually have kid duty, because their parents joined us on this trip, which made things really easy.   I don’t know if they will remember this trip when they are older, but I will remember it for my lifetime.

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