Shoes can change your life!

Shoes can change your life!

Cinderella says, “One shoe can change your life.”  I am a big believer, especially after this last week.

Hot Hubby and I go dancing every Saturday night, if we can help it.  This past weekend, we went to our usual place, for our usual dancing.  Unfortunately, about 5 minutes in, my foot started hurting.  My foot has been hurting for the last few weeks, but Saturday night, it was worse.  We were forced to make it an early night and head home.

On Monday, we saw the doctor and he took x-rays.  Now I am stuck in a boot for a few weeks as I try to mend a broken foot.  I would not normally be this upset, but I have been planning a trip to Disney World for 13 months!  It is just days away….and I am booted.

I am trying to make the best of it, so I pulled out the Disney stickers and nail polish.  I even added a Eeyore bow to the back of it.  So what do you think? It sure isn’t a glass slipper.  I have definitely changed my shoe, at least on one foot.  Do you think I have changed my life?


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