Pixar Pier

Pixar Pier

Disney recently announced that there is a new themed land coming to the Disney’s California Adventure park in 2018. The company is converting Paradise Pier, that California themed boardwalk that features midway games and the popular California Screamin’ roller coaster, into an area devoted to the movies of Pixar. So say goodbye to the Santa Monica Pier, and hello to attractions based around The Incredibles, Toy Story, Wall-E, Inside Out and other Pixar greats.

California Screamin’ will be rolling away forever, as it’ll be rebranded into the Incredicoaster. This Incredibles-based coaster will maintain the same track layout as Screamin’, but with retooled cars and a new queue. Screamin’ is already one of the most popular rides at the park, but this will give Hot Hubby and I another excuse for riding.

Elsewhere Inside Out will be getting its own small area, with an as-yet-unrevealed “family-friendly attraction”.  Toy Story Midway Mania, which has been a part of Paradise Pier for almost a decade, will be the linchpin of a new, expanded Toy Story section. And those old midway games will be getting a Pixar overhaul, so expect something like an Up balloon game.

This will give us another reason to visit Disneyland while we wait for Star Wars Land to open in 2019.Toy Story Pier

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