I Just Can’t Wait for 2019

I Just Can’t Wait for 2019

Disney is creating a live action version of the Lion King.  They have brought back James Earl Jones but the amazing thing is they convinced Queen Bey to join.  Beyoncé has been cast as the part of Nala.  It seems like they will  have to rename it The Lion Queen and give her a bigger role.  But I do think her voice will make a beautiful Nala and I can’t wait to hear her sing “Can You Feel the Love Tonight”.

I am so excited for another version of Lion King.  I don’t think there can ever be enough Lion King!   My youngest was little when it came out on VHS and she wore out three tapes.  We were first in line for Lion King II:  Simba’s Pride.  The girls know every line from the prequel Lion King 1 1/2.   We loved the television series Timon and Pumbaa.  My kids and I have seen the Broadway Musical multiple times.  We never miss the Festival of Lion King at Walt Disney World.  We are definitely Lion King Lovers in our house.

What  film is better?  Lion King begins by teaching us about “The Circle of Life” and shows us the cutest lion cub ever.  When Simba runs away from his responsibility, a crazy mandrill tells him, “Remember who you are!”   When things get too tough,  his friends remind him to relax and enjoy the moment by singing “Hakuna Matata.”  And of course, it has a happy ending with the boy becoming king and getting the girl.

Disney has done a brilliant job assembling a cast of amazing talent.  I jus

Beyonce cast as Nala
I Just Can’t Wait for 2019

t can’t wait for  2019!

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