Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty is a beautifully made movie but I often wonder how much of her life she missed, because she slept through it.  I have tried to have a “having it all” kind of philosophy, which sometimes means that I choose activity over sleep.  I have explained that “I will sleep when I am dead.”

Now don’t get sleep confused with my bed.  I love my bed and if I could, I would never leave it.  When I get home from work, I slip into my pajamas and head upstairs to my bed.  Pajamas and blankets are the cure for anything.  I think it started when my teenagers took over the house and the only sanctuary was my bedroom.  With my computer and phone, I can do anything I want, in my pajamas in bed.

Recently, I married Hot Hubby, who prizes sleep over anything else.  He will skip meals, television, everything for just a little more sleep.  I think he must be related to Sleeping Beauty, because he is so good at sleeping, he could do it with his eyes closed.  His happiest nights are the ones where he doesn’t have to set an alarm to wake up.

I think our pets agree, because when I get up for my daily exercise, they slip into the warm side of the bed and cuddle up with Hot Hubby.  It always makes me smile.  How much do you love sleeping?snow and jordan spencer

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