Remember Who You Are.

Remember Who You Are.

The Lion King movie was my oldest daughter’s favorite film.  It came out on VHS when she was little and she watched it so much that I replaced the worn out tape three times.  She loved The Lion King and I loved the lessons that it provided.

Most of the brilliance was delivered by a mandrill named Rafiki.  This came to mind this week as Robert Guillaume who was the voice of the Rafiki, recently passed away.   He had a distinctive  voice and I can still hear him saying, “Remember, who you are!”

There have been times in my life, when I have lost “who I am”.  One of those times was when I graduated from college and moved to North Carolina for my first job.  I was only there a few weeks, when there was a hostile takeover and the whole division was let go.  I don’t think they say “let go” anymore.  It is probably more pc to say “displaced.”  It felt more like “fired”, “devastated”, “end of world time”.

When I called my mother, she told me to “take 24 hours.  Cry, feel sorry for yourself, eat junk food and be gloomy.  After that 24 hours, pick yourself up and get to work.  You are a strong, capable woman who can find a job, but you have to use that strength.”  She was right, it only took a few weeks and I was moving to Atlanta and starting a new job.

Knowing who you are is important and sometimes it takes life’s challenges to really know how strong you are.  You are never alone.  Family and friends are there to love you when the world doesn’t.  Remember to trust yourself, and know that you will never be given a challenge that is bigger than you.

Rafiki with girls

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