Cinderella did not wear a Diaper

Cinderella did not wear a Diaper

Sometimes I think that women make things harder on ourselves, by comparing ourselves to each other.  There is an unspoken competition between mothers for their children to accomplish tasks at certain ages.  A child is supposed to be walking by one, talking by 18 months. You have heard these milestones. You have seen a child defying the odds by running at 10 months.

Let’s talk potty training.  There is a “rule” that children are supposed to be potty trained by two.  So you have the super aggressive mothers, who start training at 12 months.  And the children who resist to learn until 5 years old. There are books and charts and potty chairs and dolls, all designed to “help” you with the potty training process.  I tried them all.  I made charts. I bribed with candy, stickers, toys. You name it, I tried it.

Finally, while I was watching Cinderella with my darling daughters, I had an epiphany.  I realized that my goal was just too short.   I realized that no one at Cinderella’s ball was wearing a diaper.  So if I shorten that time frame a little, I realized that no one would be wearing a diaper at Prom.

I took an unreachable goal of two years old, and I made the attainable goal “prom”.   I was determined that my daughters would be potty trained by Prom.   Just changing the timing, took the pressure off.  I relaxed.  So the girls relaxed.  Then when they were ready, they were potty trained.  And not a single child was wearing a diaper at Prom.  Have you found that changing the time frame can help you achieve a goal?Marissa as Cinderella

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