Do you have any children?

Do you have any children?

At Disneyland, you spend a little bit of time waiting in lines.  And if you are in my family, that means you meet a lot of strangers.   My mother has never met a stranger.  She can make instant friends and they are swapping email addresses after 5 minutes.  Hot Hubby sees the good in everyone and remembers people and says hi to them throughout our visit.  I usually say the wrong thing and then the wait is uncomfortable as we pass them in each turn of the line.

But I have learned one tip, that everyone must know!  Recently, we were waiting in line behind a woman who was obviously 7-8 months pregnant.  I opened the conversation by saying, “When are you due?”  Her reply, “The baby is at home with Grandma.”  DOH!  So you guessed it, 5 more uncomfortable turns in the line.

In the next line, I asked my family to give me a better question!  What can I say that will never offend a woman, but open the conversation if she is expecting.  What won? “Do you have any children?”  This is perfect, because if she is expecting, she will tell you about the one in her belly.  If she isn’t, she can tell you about the children at home.  It works well and offends no one.  I am writing it on my hand, so I don’t forget it!

Do you have any children?jesstwoyearsold

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