Churros and Pickles?

Churros and Pickles?

I watched Jimmy Fallon interview with Elisabeth Moss (The girl from Downtown Abbey and Handmaiden’s Tale) the other night and she said her favorite place is Disneyland!  She has two must haves whenever she visits Disneyland.  Pickles and Churros.  She said that the combination of sweet and salty is what has her hooked.

I don’t know about that, but when I go to Disneyland I have to have the Mickey sourdough bread and a chocolate covered banana.  I have already posted about my love for Mickey sourdough, but have you tried the frozen banana?  It is especially good on a hot day.   The banana is super frozen, so it lasts a long time.  The chocolate, banana and nuts are the best combination ever.   I know there are a lot of Dole Whip fans out there who would disagree, but I love the frozen bananas the best!  I just wish they could make them Mickey shaped.

What is your favorite treat at Disneyland?

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