I lost my ticket!

I lost my ticket!

What is the best way to ruin your day? Lose your 3 Day Park Hopper ticket within minutes of entering Disneyland!   I don’t know how I did it.  One minute, I had my ticket and I entered the gate.  The next minute, Hot Hubby is asking for it to get Fast Passes and it is GONE!  What is a girl to do?

Well this is Disney and they are MAGICAL!  I went to City Hall, near the gate of Disneyland.  And those amazing Cast members, asked me if I entered the gate around the time of Hot Hubby’s ticket.  Of course, I did!  Then they used his ticket number to look up mine!  Within minutes, I had a brand new ticket and we were running to Space Mountain.

Computers are helping Disney make the magic even better!  One piece of advice from the cast member….Take a picture of your ticket.  Then you will have the ticket number handy and they won’t have to look it up.  Genius and Magic all in one place.  One of the many reasons, that I love Disney!!IMG_1436

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