I got Mulan!

I got Mulan!

One of my favorite things in California Adventure is the Animation Building.  Have you visited there?   It looks kind of plain from the front and I think most people arrive to the Frozen Live show early, and wander in to kill time.  But not me.  I am serious about the animation building.

You can meet Anna and Elsa, from Frozen.  There is a demonstration on how to draw Disney characters.  Turtle Talk lets you talk to the stars of Finding Nemo.  There are places to see how early animation was created. But my favorite is Beast’s Castle!

The castle has a huge fireplace and pictures of Beast before transformation  It also has a game to tell you which Disney Character you are!  You are seated at a table with Belle’s book open and Cogsworth leads you through the questions.  The final question is always the hard one, because it decides whether you are a villain or a princess:  Would you rather eat a nice lunch with friends or a lunch of nice friends?   Hot Hubby chose the latter and is most like Captain Hook.   I chose a nice lunch and I am most like Mulan!!!


Which would you choose?  To be a villain or a princess?IMG_1504

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