30 Days, 30 Stays

I don’t know if you have heard, but there is a family who is living in Disney World for the next 30 days.    The Bucket List Family sold everything they owned two years ago and have been on an adventure all around the world ever since. They have explored the sights, sounds and flavors of cultures in more than 45 countries.   Disney hired them to take the spotlight for the 30-day adventure.

The family of four, has been given the task to journey across Walt Disney World to visit a new resort every day for 30 days and discover what makes each one unique.  Every morning, the family wakes up, packs up their stuff and heads to a park for a new clue.  It is a scavenger hunt to find clues and figure out where they are staying that night.  Then they spend the day learning and experience that resort’s uniqueness.

I love Disney World, but this sounds too much like work.   I thought cruise lines were invented, because everyone hates packing up and moving to a new hotel.  And to have cameras and photographers following your every move for 30 days.  Who would want that, except the Kardashian family?

I wish them the best of luck and if you want to follow their adventures, Click here to follow along

30 day family

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