Travel Toys

Travel Toys

My kids have always been great at traveling in the car.  I think that is because of two things.  1)  I always try to do the driving when they would normally be sleeping.  2)  I have Travel Bags created for every trip.

Before every trip, I visit the Dollar Store and Targets $1 aisle.  Then I purchase new coloring books, crayons, window clings, stickers, dry erase markers and notebooks to fill the Travel Bag.   I also include a few “special” snacks like rice krispies treats, chocolate covered raisins, granola bars and mini cereal boxes.

The kids sleep through the first few hours of the drive.  Upon waking, they have a few snacks to get them to breakfast.  Then they open the Travel Bags and are entertained by the new assortment of activities inside.  I love how creative the children are with the options inside.

boys making tattoos

I recently made a Travel bag for my grandsons and they immediately used the markers to draw all over their arms and legs.  I am sure their mother was not tickled, but Hot Hubby and I laughed over their creativity and originality.  It was a good thing I had packed washable markers.

How do you make car trips fun?

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