Target to the Rescue

Target to the Rescue

When my children were young, I preferred to travel by minivan.  I also preferred to do as much of the driving as possible while they were sleeping.   I would load up the minivan with clothes, toys and food.   Then set the alarm for 4 am, secure the sleeping children in their car seats and drive as far as I could get before breakfast.

As the kids go bigger, I could get closer and closer to Disneyland, before we had to make any stops.   This plan worked, for the most part, really successfully.  And when things went haywire, there was always Target to the rescue.

The first incident that comes to mind, was when my Fabulous Firstborn was probably 7 or 8.  We reached Disneyland without incident, because she was such a good sleeper.  Then we changed out of pajamas and began looking for her shoes.   And looking.  And looking.  I had carried her to the van in her nightgown and bare feet.   I had forgotten to grab her tennis shoes.

Luckily for us, Target has been strategically placed near every Disney entrance.   We piled back into the van, drove to the local Target and bought new socks and tennis shoes.  That became our family motto.  Whatever we forget, there will be a Target where we are going.   It takes the pressure off, having to remember everything and it gives us an excuse to check out Target wherever we end up.

Now, I do a shoe check, before ever leaving the driveway.

Do you have any tips for taking the stress out of traveling?Target sneakers

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