What is a D23?

I think the people who run Disney are genius!  They created a fan club for themselves and they named it D23.  D is for Disney and 23 is for 1923, the year that Walt Disney founded the company.  But more than just a fan club, D23 has an Expo twice a year that is AMAZING!  Fans pay to have the opportunity to hear the semi annual report.

I work for a large company and we endure the quarterly meetings with the CEO.  We listen for information about what is coming next and the predictions for the future. D23 Expo is the ultimate Disney Fan Event and it is a massive quarterly report.

Disney has thousands of people buying tickets and spending an entire weekend in the Convention center, wearing their best costumes, listening to panel discussions, meeting and questioning the geniuses behind everything Disney.  Fans spend the night in line to get seats at the best sessions.  And it is worth it!

Fans get exposure to everything Disney from movies, television shows, video games, animation, hotels and theme parks.  This year, you could spend 90 minutes with the amazing Alan Menken listening to him playing his multitude of Disney hits.   You could attend a panel with Disney Princesses, telling you how they created their princess.  Or a panel finding out how to become an Imagineer.  This year Disney unveiled a Star Wars Themed Hotel and more details about Star Wars Land.   John Stamos led a fascinating discussion with Disney Legends Tony Baxter, and Marty Sklar.

I have not yet attended a D23 Expo, but I follow along on-line at D23.com in my Mickey Mouse Pajamas!  Are you fan enough to be a D23?D23-logo-official-fan-club

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