Best Time for Disneyland Visit

There is a lot of advice on the internet, to help you pick the best time or the best plan for visiting DisneyLand, but I don’t think that matters.   The longer the wait time, the more time I have my children captive to talk to me.  We catch up with each other, reconnect and I give un-interrupted lectures.  In fact, my children learned the facts of life in one particularly interesting Indiana Jones wait.

We are the three girls that are singing, talking, laughing, playing gamgirls in glasseses and just enjoying being together and we use the wait times for all of that.  I have seen a lot of families, pursue the most rides, by sending people running all over and getting fastpasses galore.   I think this is fine, but I prefer to take a slower approach and stay together.

I can remember one particular trip, when one daughter leaked a secret about the other daughter.  That wait began with fury, the entire argument, the silent treatment and the resolution, compressed into the 20 minute wait.  Where else can you accomplish so much family dynamic in such a short time.  In line, you are together and can’t escape, so the issues get resolved.

There was a particular time, when I was working too much and I felt very disconnected from my daughter.   I woke her up at 4 am, we drove the 6 hours to Disneyland and we rode rides until late afternoon.  Then we drove home.  That 18 hours together, brought us back together and opened up the doors of communication that were previously closed.

So you can plan the perfect trip at the perfect time, or you can just yell ‘Road Trip’ and enjoy the ride.

What is your favorite time to go to Disneyland?

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