Autographs – What will they sign?

Autographs – What will they sign?

My favorite part of Disneyland is autographs.  I love meeting the characters, taking pictures and getting autographs.  I would decorate my entire house with autographs, if Hot Hubby would allow.  All it takes is a quick trip to Michaels or Target before your trip and multi colored Sharpies.  Here are some good ideas for things the characters are allowed to sign:


Jacket or T-shirt, not being worn

Pillow Case


Photo Mat for a picture frame




Book Bag

Apronminnie autograph 2001

Baseball Cap

Mickey Ears

Print out Autograph cards from Pinterest

Tennis shoes or Toms

3 Ring Binder cover for schoolwork

Frying pan for Rapunzel and Flynn Rider

mickey autograph 2001

The options are limitless.  Just take a little time before you leave on your trip and pick an item that you will treasure forever.

What did you have signed the last time you visited Mickey Mouse at Disneyland?



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