New Backpack!

New Backpack!

I am so excited that JanSport has partnered with Disney to produce new backpacks.  They are stylish, sturdy and practical.  What a great idea!  I ordered one the first day they were available.  Here is the one I chose:IMG_0802

On a recent trip to Disneyland, they had a promotional backpack that was a must have.

IMG_0803I  love the many faces of Mickey and the bright colors.

As my girls were growing up, we made a summer trek to the Disney Store to purchase a new backpack before every school year.  They had adorable character backpacks, but they were for Elementary ages and did not suit my growing children.

Once the kids reached middle school, they were carrying textbooks, athletic equipment and a lunch every day, so we needed large, sturdy backpacks.  That is when we discovered Jansport…but we no longer had a Disney option.  So we customized our backpacks with embroidery patches, buttons, IMG_0801puffy paints and sharpie markers.  Here is an example of my current computer bag that I carry to work daily.

What are you carrying to work today?  Does it make you smile?

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